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Vulnerability, Dating and Social Connection Secrets - Nina Perez -Achieve Any Dream Summit

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Dating and Social Connection Secrets

Today we talk about connection with the amazing Nina Perez!

- How vulnerability can unlock deeper connections

- How to transition from online dating to something deeper

- How to use the environment and warmer questions, and smiling to create comfort for open doors

- So much more

Nina Perez: Relationship dynamics and the creation of well-being through harmonious relationships has become my way of life and my passion.

I fell in love with Appreciative Inquiry (AI) One of the AI tenets is to create “Conversations Worth Having” and over the past 2 years I have started focusing on the value of Appreciative Inquiry as my main lens of viewing the world and have been certified by the FLI Flourishing Leadership Institute and am an active member of their ongoing intensive yearly certification called L.E.A.F ( Leading with Experiential and Appreciative Facilitation).

I now coach individuals, parents, couples, and teams on the value of creating connection in all their interactions and thus having meaningful relationships everywhere they go.

Reach out to Nina:


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