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How to Discover Your Soul Goals - Jessica Hughes & Dave Hurst - Empower The World Talks

🔥 How to Discover your Soul Goals and Save Years in the Wrong Direction: with Jessica Hughes & Dave Hurst 👉


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Empower The World Talks - a platform for us to come together and help empower and uplift with powerful questions, empathy and compassion.

Do you have a dream or purpose, but struggle to consistently step into action consistently, and life, rules, fear, excuses and overwhelm seem to always hold you back and slow you down?

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The incredible Jess Hughes, as seen on/in :The List, Forbes, TED, NBC, ABC and more!

"🌟I empower creatives & everyday people to discover their creative genius, inherent in all

Artist, Author, Speaker, Creativity Expert, Mom of 7

I wear many hats, but all of them are aligned with my creative genius zone. I am on a mission to activate high vibes in others and uplift and serve wherever I go.

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