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How to Create Happiness and Energy: Future Gratitude - Jess Hughes - Creative Fireside Chats

Hello Friends!!!! More talk goodness...

Sometimes we are all so busy chasing and buying happiness, we forget, in fact, it's something that can be created inside us... TODAY.

How can BOOST happiness dramatically with just a simple yet immensely powerful exercise such as future gratitude journaling?

In fact, in the achieve any dream course, these are the foundation - the 'life tools' that allow you to boost UP the energy chart. From feeling flat, to boosting up to gratitude, love, joy, courage and creativity, AND FREEDOM.

Reach out to either of us if you want to know more about minimizing the emotional rollercoaster, so you can live most days in a place of freedom and power

I love these chats, getting super CREATIVE on the dry-erase boards and visualizing how we can take more control over how we feel.

Inspirational Creative Fireside Chats with Jessica Hughes (and others coming soon!).

Time to unlock your FIRE energy!

Reach out to Jess - explore your creativity:

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